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At Team Domenica, we help young people with learning disabilities find and retain meaningful employment, giving them a sense of direction, purpose and belonging, in their local community.

Founder and trustee Rosa Monckton whose younger daughter, Domenica, has Down’s Syndrome, set up the registered charity to help young people with learning disabilities – whose greatest challenge is to find regular employment and to feel included within society.


There are 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK and almost 94% are unemployed.  

Far too many are missing out on the basic right to aspire to a career, along with the wider social networks, better emotional/physical health and increased independence that come from having a job. Suffering from profound loneliness, they feel rejected and isolated from society, unable to experience the same employment aspirations as those around them. 



Domenica was Princess Diana’s last godchild, and we subscribe to the late Princess’s belief that “everybody needs to be valued and everyone has the potential to give something back”.

At Team Domenica, we strongly believe that young adults with learning disabilities have the right to work, to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives, to have their individual gifts and talents recognised, and to feel included as valued members of society. 

Together, our mission is to remove barriers to work for people with learning disabilities.



Launched in the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove, we provide a range of personalised employment programmes, structured to help prepare candidates for the workplace and develop their capacity to lead happy, fulfilled lives. Through Team Domenica, they can discover new talents, make new friends and feel better connected to their local community.

We operate through a unique three-tier set up of Training Centre, Training Café and Employment Agency. At our Training Centre, candidates complete an employment course designed to develop employability, life skills and independence. In our Training Café, open to the public, they gain practical work experience as a supported in-house work placement alongside their studies. Through our Employment Agency we establish relationships with local companies to procure more suitable and sustainable employment opportunities.


Already our paid employment rate is over 25%, against a national average of 5.8% for people with learning disabilities. 

Candidates have grown both in ability and self- confidence, and our Training Café has become a community hub.  It serves the purpose of not only educating our candidates, but also of showing the abilities of our candidates to the public. A number of the parents have said that our Centre has completely transformed their children’s lives. 

“I enjoy my job so much… I get to meet and chat to new and different people each day… I love it! I now have a close group of friends and colleagues, and a busy social life…It’s great to feel valued and confident… This is such a brilliant feeling”

Through your donations and fundraising support, we can continue to expand our services and transform the lives of young people with learning disabilities.

Thank You.

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