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After the sudden death of 23 month old Daniel Estick in 2009 the Trust was established, in his memory, to help others along the personal road of grief and to offer opportunities for local children to just have fun.

The Gift of a Memory treasure box ...

Having a place for pictures, documents and items special to loved ones is an important start on the long and rocky road of grief. The Trust began by providing “memory boxes ” to health professionals,hospices and bereavement charities, local to in Milton Keynes. However, over the years the trust have expanded and now provide memory boxes to Childrens Hospices and hospitals nationwide free of charge.

The boxes the trust provides are all hand made by G. Ryder & Co Ltd in Bletchley. They can be personalised by parents and siblings and have become a much used tool by councillors and organisations helping bereaved parents.

It may sound like a small and insignificant item but through bitter experience the parents of Daniel know how hard it is to immediately know what to do with those items.

At a time when rational thought is rare, our boxes should help to reduce any regrets further down the line on having lost or damaged irreplaceable items. Helping create memories to treasure...

From Woburn Sands, (Daniels home town near Milton Keynes) the trust organises heavily subsidised trips to allow local children to develop their own treasured memories and just have fun.

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