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We run an employability scholarship programme for women from marginalised areas in Managua, Nicaragua. We started as a crafts charity creating products from 100% recycled paper to provide an income for women living in La Chureca, Central America’s largest open-air rubbish dump.

How it works:

We’ve evolved since we first started in 2009, and have developed a comprehensive educational methodology to offer long-term and sustainable solutions to the lack of opportunities many women face in La Chureca and other deprived neighbourhoods. We combine income with education over our year-long scholarship programme to offer training on skills needed for full-time employment.

Why? To give these women the opportunity to be educated, employed, and empowered. We know that through access to income and skills development women can break poverty cycles - not only for themselves, but for their families, communities, and countries too.




This summer 2017, we're running a campaign to allow people who support EEP to find out more about who we are. Those behind EEP educate, support, fundraise and empower women to become agents of change. You can become a part of that.

All donations make a difference as 100% of your donation reaches the women we work with. We require funding to provide lasting solutions and therefore believe that donors should be able to trace where their generous support goes.

Our annual scholarship budget is £120,000. We're halfway through the year, and still need to fundraise £50,000.


Donor packages provide an opportunity to put your donation into immediate effect with a specific project.

£5 provides medicine to families of EEP students.

£20 provides food supplies for the monthly food basket given to EEP students

£100 provides a woman's scholarship for 1 month

£250 provides a woman with psychological support for 1 year

Sponsor a woman. £1,750 will sponsor one woman for one year. After 1 year a woman is ready for employment and will have a job either through our partnerships or she will stay on with us, employed as a teacher for other communities, or working in our trading arm CHURECA CHIC. In 1 year, you can turn 1 life around.

For further information please contact Andrea Paltzer


Phone: +44(0)78 5342 4990

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