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We are a charitable foundation that aims to raise money for worthy causes both within the UK and across the globe. These will change annually to ensure we can have as much positive impact to the world as possible. How we raise money for these causes is by organising events, taking part in fundraising challenges and donating our time to help those in need.


A key aspect of our work is that we take no fee and subsidise the cost of running the charity ourselves. Every penny possible is given to the causes Beyond our goal of raising money for worthy causes and keeping a large group of friends in tact over the coming years, we also aim to inspire others to act against inequalities and hardships. We aim to be a beacon for positive change, to raise awareness for different causes of all scopes and scale and organise fun events.


The Pelargos Foundation was founded in Stamford, Lincolnshire in 2014 when a group of old friends decided that the best way to: Raise money for causes personal to us and for which we believe are most worthwhile and, Keep our ties of friendship and shared experiences in tact over the coming years was to form a charity. The Pelargos Foundation is this aspiration brought to life.

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