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Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) was set up to help both the wildlife and rural communities of Uganda by reducing areas of conflict between them. In the 12 years since its inception, it has successfully implemented practical measures to achieve this and continues to work with both the Uganda Wildlife Authority and local communities on a variety of effective, medium and long-term projects to benefit the people, wildlife and the environment.

In more recent years UCF has worked to improve the infrastructure of the Uganda Wildlife Authority in the National Parks through building and equipping ranger stations to help the fight against poachers in the more remote areas and improve the facilities for the wildlife rangers. Poaching is being reduced and more successful prosecutions are now being seen through the use of geo-location cameras to provide evidence to magistrates. Elephant numbers are beginning to recover but support for our work is essential to ensure that poachers are deterred and this recovery continues despite the insatiable demend for ivory.

The charity is run entirely by volunteer Trustees in the UK, and by volunteer Directors and a small dedicated team in Kampala, to ensure that funding is targeted directly where it is needed. Further details about the charity and its work can be found on the website at Your support is greatly appreciated.

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