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Wits, the University of the Witwatersrand, is a pre-eminent university in Africa's economic centre of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Friends of Wits and Wits alumni in the UK are invited to support the University of the Witwatersrand through the Wits Foundation UK.

To make a monthly contribution, a single donation, or to raise funds for Wits, please click on the appropriate link on this webpage.

Wits matters. It matters to our students, to their communities and to all who are served by Wits graduates, who benefit from Wits' research and who find in Wits an open space for debate.  In South Africa's democracy, Wits is an advocate for non-discrimination and is in the vanguard of a burgeoning and globally-engaged Africa. None of this is easy.  We would appreciate your help and support.

How you can help:

• Support students through a Wits student bursary fund

• Support Wits’ research that has local and/or global impact

• Leave a legacy on Wits campus e.g. through a building project.

Donations of any size are sincerely appreciated. 

For specific initiatives such as the Wits Annual Fund, or Wits Student Bursaries, click on the link on this page, under 'find out more'.

Agincourt' - The MRC/Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit in rural South Africa adjacent to Mozambique, is among Wits University's flagship R and D programmes with an outstanding track record of high impact research, training, data access and policy translation. Established in the early 1990s in an impoverished former 'Bantustan', the Unit has achieved national and international recognition. Recent support from the SA Dept. of Science and Technology and status as an SA MRC research unit to 2024 is evidence of the Unit's value to national priorities. To read further, click on 'Agincourt' under 'find out more'.

Your donation will go further than you might expect.

-    The exchange rate is favourable. This means you could make a substantial gift to Wits that costs you a lot less than you would expect.

-    If you are a resident UK tax payer and add Gift Aid, Wits will get 25% more without costing you extra.

-    If you are in the UK’s 40 or 50 per cent tax bracket, look into claiming back tax - visit http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/individuals/giving/gift-aid.htm.


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