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WorkingRite is the practical pathway to a job or apprenticeship. Our programme supports 16-24 year olds through an induction and mentored work-placement that lasts an average of 16 weeks.

We recruit local businesses keen to take a young person under their wing - allowing them to learn primarily on the job.  We individually match each young person with an employer - and each has theri own mentor chosen from the workforce to pass on what they know.

We work in the most deprived areas of Scotlland - where many of the young people have lost belief in themselves.  They don't think they stand a chance.  They don't want more classrooms at this point. 

But we belive in them.  We see their ability and their potential to achieve a positive working future in their communities.  And 80% of the young people who complete our programme secure a full-time job or apprenticeship.

The WorkingRite programme is a relationship-based model of learning.  Quite simply designed to inspire young people to succeed; after all... everyone remembers their first boss!

Your donations can make a huge difference to a young person's life. We would use them to provide (on average):

  • £10 (weekly) - Trainee travel costs Some of our trainees travel as much as 2 hours a day by public transport.
  • £30 - Overalls and protective clothing To help our trainees carry out their tasks professionally and safely; or simply approriate workwear.
  • £40 Accredited training Our programme supports young people to gain relevant certificates to help them on their way - SQA Certificate of Work Readiness; CSCS card
  • £55 (weekly) - A fair and decent weekly training allowance Our trainees work hard while learning. We believe they deserve a decent cash allowance, which is topped up by their supportive placement employer.

If you are interested in other ways to support the charity or have fundraising ideas of your own, please contact or call 0131 553 9395 and ask to speak to the fundraising team.

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