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Action Village India (AVI) is a UK registered charity founded and run by people inspired by India. For more than 25 years AVI has supported six partners in India who manage rural development projects.

“The Future of India lies in its villages.” Gandhi.

Behind India’s rapid economic growth and emerging middle class is a story of growing inequalities. In the areas where our partners work, roads and communications are poor, there are not enough schools and health services are patchy. Corruption and lack of knowledge leave people without access to their basic rights and the economic unit that is the rural village can be disrupted by the changes development brings, leaving people with no option but to migrate to slums in the overcrowded cities.

“Be the change you want to see.” Gandhi.

In response to these changes AVI’s partners work to improve the quality of life for rural people in the Gandhian tradition of self-organisation and non-violent change. AVI's approach is: Indian answers to Indian problems. As an organisation we are committed to understanding the needs of rural India and its people at a time when India is changing and developing so quickly. Our strong partnerships allow us to access this knowledge and we do this in a spirit of friendship, fun and food!

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