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AmberSide Trust was set up in 2015 to help secure the future of the Amber Collection. 

The Trust does this by;

  • Maintaining the integrity and addressing the conservation needs of the Collection
  • The promotion, support, assistance and improvement of Side Gallery and Cinema, where the Collection can be seen
  • Extending access both online and by touring
  • Advancing education in the arts in particular film and photography
  • Enabling new work so that the Collection is maintained and continues to grow as a living archive

What is the Amber Collection?

‘The Collection’ refers to the Amber archive, which holds 20,000 photographs, 100 films and 10,000 slides depicting working class and marginalised communities. Through the production and commissioning of documentary film and photography work, the archive embodies a single narrative involving a network of interlinked stories. The archive continues to grow over an extensive period (currently 47 years… and counting!) 

How will your donation be used?

Huge amounts!

With your donation, AmberSide Trust will be able to;

  • Enhance conservation facilities for the Collection;
  • Continue to support Amber's team of volunteers
  • Support Side Gallery and Cinema to programme the most interesting and relevant documentary photography and film
  • increase digital access;
  • Develop new production projects;
  • Expand on the range of ambitious learning and participation projects that Amber is delivering- particularly in the communities they have documented.
Over 300 children and young people have benefitted from recent projects delivered in schools and communities across the North East; your donation will help Amber continue this work.

For more information about what the Collection, what Amber or the Trust does go to 

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