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Migdal Ohr was set up over 40 years ago with one purpose, saving and supporting children at risk. With an estimated 330,000 young people at risk of failing in school and destined to a life of poverty and trouble, Migdal Ohr offers them an opportunity to successfully complete their education in a safe and loving environment. From its main Campus in Migdal HaEmek the charity provides a loving home and an excellent education to thousands vulnerable children age 0 to 18 who on graduation enrol to National Service activities. Migdal Ohr continues to expand under the leadership of its founder Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, establishing many other projects. A network of 160 youth clubs offers children a secure place to eat, study and play after school hours. For children who cannot remain in their own homes, we have established Zoharim, an agricultural education village. To counter the plight of the some in the Haredi community members who wish to escape living life on benefits, we have established an academy that meets their religious needs and offers opportunities to study for a university degree that will allow them to find a meaningful employment in the open market. Migdal Ohr is a driven organisation, which sets its sights on helping ever more children and young people in new and creative ways. Our annual turnover of over 20 million pounds is partially met by the Israeli government but a third needs to come from private donations.

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