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"The relief of those in need by reason of the emotional and financial hardship caused by bereavement following the loss of a child aged under 18, in particular by the provision of capped funeral disbursement grants to cover the fixed costs applicable to a funeral and the provision of an online mutual support community for bereaved families designed to assist with the grieving process."

The funeral of a child, by it's nature, is rarely planned for and can therefore add financial burden at a time extreme emotional distress. We aim to aleviate some of that where we can by helping to cover inevitable expenses. We will not add to that emotional distress by any means testing, so we simply a capped contributuion to cover what we call Standard Funeral Disbursements (these are explained below*).

But importantly, through families we have helped before, there is also a community of families with shared experiences that can talk freely with each other in secure forums to offer each other mutual support and guidance when it is needed.

* The “small print”:

  1. Provision of financial relief will be granted only:
    1. For funerals of children under the age of 18 years.
    2. To families resident in the UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
    3. Upon receipt of an application form that has been completed in full, with all the disbursements listed and verified by the family’s Funeral Director.
    4. In respect of Standard Funeral Disbursements.
      1. Standard funeral disbursements are: Church fees, minister fees, organist fees, cemetery fees, crematorium fees, doctors’ fees.
        (It is usual for these fees to be waived or reduced for a child’s funeral.)
      2. Standard funeral disbursements ARE NOT: Funeral Director professional fees, funeral printing, vehicles, flowers, press notices, memorials, catering and anything else, considered by the trustees, not to be essential to a basic funeral.
    5. To a maximum value capped at £1000 per funeral.

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