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Sadly too many people are prevented from accessing areas of interest and certain organisations as they need that little extra care, attention or support when it matters or they just dont fit in because of perceived preferences. This exclusion can lead to isolation and hidden talents being unrealised. We all have something to offer and through Cotton Shed Theatre Company, our inclusive values encourage everyone, regardless of age, ability or background, to access theatre and become a valued member. Contributing to ideas, direction, themes, each individual is encouraged to build their confidence and talent under the direction of professional artistic leaders. Every person is involved with acting, music, song and dance, whether they are abled bodied and full of confidence, less confident, or even a wheelchair user. Everyone is welcome. Cotton Shed Theatre Company runs inclusive theatre workshops and produces truly inclusive performances for all. Anyone, of any age, with or without additional needs can become a member and take part. We bring together the creative energy of people who would never meet together anywhere, but with us.

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