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Nightwatch,Po Box 9576
SE23 3ZH

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Nightwatch is a charity that has been caring for homeless people in the London Borough of Croydon for more than thirty years. We are an entirely voluntary organisation with more than 100 volunteers who are out, in teams, every night of the year. We help people at evey level of homelessness, including the street homeless through those in hostels, bed and breakfast and unsatisfactory accommodation. We also help former homeless poeple who are still vulnerable and whose main point of contact is via the homeless community. An important part of our work is not only the physical but the emoitional and spiritual wellbeing of the people we see. We are involved in supplying food, clothing, household goods and in the resettlement of former homeless people into new accommodation. We have no paid staff and the charity does not own property (a church allows us a kitchen and storage areas at a low rent). Our adminsitrative costs are therefore very low so a high proportion of money donated to us goes directly to people in need.

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