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An alternative, effective model of International Development

Mission: To listen to changemakers in Africa and enable effective use of resources

Dadamac Foundationis a 21st century approach to collaboration between people in the UK and people working locally in Africa. We believe that the best community development work is done by changemakers who are closely connected with the communities they serve, rather than “outsiders”. Changemakers who belong in the communities are effective because they know the people, they understand the local challenges and they see opportunities to make a difference. We link locally based changemakers to the wider world of International Development and social media.

Often these visionary community changemakers are giving their time freely and dipping into their own pockets to initiate change and respond to need. They know how to use their limited resources effectively, but often they work in comparative isolation, and with insufficient support. We believe they deserve help, but they won’t get that help if they are invisible to the people who would willingly help them. Our mission is to listen to them, to tell their stories and make connections that enable the effective use of resources - their personal resources, local resources and resources that could come from outside.

We help  Dadamac Changemakers to:

  • Tell their stories.

  • Share their knowledge.

  • Connect with supporters.

  • Increase their influence - individually and as a group.

You can see evidence of what we do, and read the ongoing stories of projects on the ground, at our new website


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