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Living conditions in the community of Dominase (in the far north of the Central Region of Ghana) are fairly primitive and unhealthy.

There is no running water and only a few wells from which people have to carry all their daily needs. The local river, often used for washing, is very dirty and can cause chronic disease and death.

Very few people have anywhere to go to the toilet - contributing to the unhealthy conditions. People in Dominase, particularly young children, often die due to diseases caused by poor sanitation.

Schools lack many of the basic things that we take for granted.

The Buriton Village to Village Group works in partnership with community leaders in Dominase to improve everyday lives by helping with education, clean water, sanitation and health care.

Initially we helped provide a health clinic with a generator, medical supplies and funding for living quarters for a nurse. Links with schools were also amongst our early achievements. We have subsequently helped to improve supplies of clean drinking water by raising thousands of pounds from fund-raising initiatives.

Our latest initiative, launched in 2012, will help with education at about twenty schools in and around Dominase. Supplementary reading books can make a big difference to children’s opportunities to learn English at an early age – which opens the door to all subsequent learning of other subjects; and to a route out of poverty. Miss out on English in their early years of education, and the children miss out on life-chance opportunities thereafter – as generations of villagers have done in the past. Every £2 that we raise can provide a new book for our School Library initiative. There are few books in schools at present, but there is a willingness in all of the local schools to develop a Library facility – even if the library is in a box!

We are also helping to improve sanitation through our special Buy-a-Bog campaign - providing individual households with their first family toilets, ever. Every £30 raised buys the materials for a basic family loo and we have trained local masons to do all the construction required. We are also providing blocks of toilets at schools - with hand-washing facilities from rainwater harvesting. Children, particularly girls, are now attending school more consistently as they know that they have some privacy when needed.

We hope that you may be willing to help in some way - no matter how small.

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