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Educare Fund supports poor families in Lesotho (southern Africa) to keep bright girls in school to the end of secondary education.

There is some government funding for primary and higher education, but it is not currently available to all. Often families are faced with the dilemma of choosing which children to put though secondary education.

When families have to make a choice because they cannot afford to educate all their children, it is often the girls who end up leaving school. This means that they have little chance of attaining higher education and fully realising their potential.

The education of the young women of Lesotho is especially important in the current climate of high local incidence of HIV AIDS because women bear most of the burden of care within families. Additionally, women are also the mainstay of child-rearing, laying the foundation for future generations.

It is therefore, very important to ensure that they are well equipped for these roles. Educare Fund pays a proportion of the annual school fees for each girl. This way we work in partneship with the families, so that they retain a stake in the education of their children.

The proportion of the fees provided by Educare Fund depends on the funds available, therefore the more money we raise, the more we can pass on to the sponsored girls. As a small charity, Educare Fund has relatively low outgoings so that practically all of the money raised is used to support the girls.Virtually all of the work of administering the charity is done by volunteers who believe passionately in the work of Educare Fund.

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