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Friends of the Earth has led the environmental movement for more than 40 years. We see the wellbeing of people and our planet as one and the same.

Together with thousands of ordinary people Friends of the Earth has already won new laws to protect our water, wildlife, landscapes, climate and health, but to face the challenges ahead Friends of the Earth believes there needs to be a new positive relationship between people and the environment.

Friends of the Earth are currently running two major campaigns The Bee Cause and Stop Fracking in the UK.

The Bee Cause campaign is asking the Government to help save bees by introducing a National Bee Action Plan.

British bee numbers have fallen dramatically in recent years. And the way we farm our food and plan our towns and cities is making the problem worse.

We need bees for our food supply, our economy and our quality of life. Without bees it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate our crops by hand.

Friends of the Earth is also calling for fracking to be banned in the UK.

We’ve taken huge steps forward in the fight against fracking. Wherever fracking applications have been proposed, local people have opposed them; first in the south of England, then by Lancashire County Council in June 2015. This was despite huge pressure from the Government and the fracking industry.

Visit Friends of the Earth's website to find out more about our campaigning work.

Friends of the Earth's independence, international and community-based networks and rigorous research give us a fresh perspective on how to create a better world. Friends of the Earth see's things differently.    


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