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The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics UK (FAST UK) is an all volunteer organisation of families and professionals dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome through the funding of an aggressive research agenda. The foundation are also committed to helping individuals with Angelman Syndrome to realise their full potential and quality of life.

Angelman Syndrome is a severe neurological disorder characterised by profound developmental delays, problems with motor coordination and balance, and epilepsy.  Individuals with AS do not develop functional speech. The seizure disorder in individuals with Angelman Syndrome can be difficult to treat. Feeding disorders in infancy are common and some persist through childhood. Sleeping difficulties are commonly noted in individuals with AS. AS affects all races and both genders equally.  

Individuals with Angelman Syndrome tend to have a happy demeanor, characterised by frequent laughing, smiling and excitability. Many individuals with AS are attracted to water and take great pleasure in activities like swimming and bathing.  

People living with AS require life-long care, intense therapies to help develop functional skills and improve their quality of life. Close medical supervision is needed, often involving multiple medical interventions. 

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