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Headway House,Bedford Health Village
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At Headway Bedford we provide a supportive and stimulating environment for people who have an acquired brain injury.  We recognise that each person is different and no two injuries are the same and for this reason our services reflect this, focusing on the needs of the individual.  

Brain injury is the largest cause of acquired disability in the working age population – it’s most commonly caused by road traffic accidents, assaults, falls and strokes. The consequences of brain injury can be life changing for the individual and those close to them.  Approximately 1 million people live with the effects of acquired brain injury in the United Kingdom at any one time.  Brain injury can happen to anyone at any time. In most cases, it’s a sudden onset condition, and often results in long term difficulties with cognitive and physical functioning.

We have a range of services which promote rehabilitation/enablement to help our clients to build on their existing skills (cognitive, physical, social and emotional) and in turn increase their confidence and self-esteem. 

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