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We are a separately registered charity from the national RSPCA and in 2015 95% of our income came from our own fundraising efforts, including events and our shops, donations from members of the public and legacies. We receive no money from the Government or the National Lottery.

2017 is going to be a big year for the Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch of the RSPCA. We’ll be celebrating our 85-year anniversary, having had our first ever meeting on 24 May 1932. Created to help animals in need in our local area, we now rehome and rehabilitate over 460 animals per year, as well as providing services such as veterinary care, neutering, microchipping and advice. We never put a healthy animal to sleep.

 2017 will also see the Martlesham Animal Centre celebrate its 40th birthday, having opened in Mill Lane in September 1977. We’re hoping to replace one of our kennel blocks and our dog isolation unit with new, up-to-date facilities.  

But the Centre is a youngster compared to our Clinic, which has been 55 years at its current site in St Georges Street, Ipswich. It opened in October 1962, having been bought for the princely sum of £1600 (old money) with a building fund raising £151.14s6d “for alteration and decoration”.   Our Clinic treats and provides neutering and welfare vouchers for over 2000 animals every year.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, animals ready for adoption, volunteering opportunities and events and competitions to celebrate this very special year, please check out our website (  

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