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Magic Me: Bringing Generations Together

 Finding more ways to meet, create and party

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Where we are today - a message from our director addressing the current situation

"Magic Me’s mission is to bring people of different generations together, to learn from and about one another, through arts and creative activity. The challenge of coronavirus makes this mission more vital than ever as we are encouraged, and told, to self-isolate and stay at home..." 

One of our participants said “There are lots of places for older people like me to go and have coffee and chat. I want more than that. What I love about Magic Me is that I come home with new ideas, with questions, and things to think about when I’m back home alone, things that keep me going for another week.”

Talking on the phone will be vital, but we want to offer more than that. We’re exploring how we can create that inspiration, those questions and ideas from a distance – they are even more vital if that week is going to turn into a month, or months.

For 30 years Magic Me’s exciting, pioneering intergenerational arts projects have been giving young and older people opportunities to meet, create and spend time together, combatting ageism and loneliness. Week by week young people and older adults meet in schools, care homes, older peoples centres and after-school clubs, working on a shared arts activity e.g. drama, music and photography.

Magic Me is working with our current 15 partner care homes, older people venues and their residents as well to find creative ways to continue friendships between younger and older people. 

Our At Home Together programme has helped us find new ways to meet, to make and to party with our community, at a distance. Our creative activities have encouraged interaction between people, grown intergenerational understanding, while relieving social isolation and loneliness.

Please support Magic Me’s vital work with some of our communities most vulnerable people.

How your donations help:  

  • £10 buys stamps to post out 15 letters from younger people to their older friends who are self-isolating. An additional £10 will pay the postage for the replies from the older friends.
  • £35 helps us to make phone calls to check in with the wellbeing of our participants and to stay in touch to keep up morale.
  • £119 pays for a year subscription to Zoom, so we can host 100 participants to take part in creative activities and parties online.

Magic Me is committed to ensuring that these important intergenerational relationships continue to grow and develop creatively. Together as a community we will come out the other end of this situation, stronger and well-connected.

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