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Cuckfield,West Sussex
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Back in 1980 in the Sussex village of Cuckfield, residents raised funds to purchase the threatened local 27 acre New England Wood. The New England Wood Trust was formed to ‘improve, protect and conserve New England Wood for the public benefit and as a broad-leafed woodland’.

Since then the Trust has relied on occasional donations and volunteers’ efforts to meet those objectives. But conservation work, such as all-weather footpaths, fencing and clearance, requires continuous resources. Cuckfield Woodlanders is the community project supporting this work. 

If you enjoy New England Wood and value its contribution to the quality of life in this community, please become a Cuckfield Woodlander now and make a donation of £1 per month. Your contribution will be gratefully received and we will be inviting you to an annual Woodlanders gathering and guided tour of the wood to reveal its hidden plant and animal life.

Please join us in conserving this precious resource. Welcome to Cuckfield Woodlanders.

Ken Burgess, Chairman, New England Wood Trust

Gallery kindly contributed by Louis Mackay (c) Louis Mackay 2016 

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