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Homepage is a platform for a global network of reviewers reporting on a thriving, dynamic world of theatre and the performing arts.

No performance is too great or too small.

Our site covers everything from major venues to community productions, abled and disabled performers, all are given equal recognition. - Charity Objectives

The Charity is established to encourage the appreciation and enjoyment of the performing arts (drama, opera, dance theatre, etc.) and to encourage interest in and knowledge of the performing arts among all sectors of the population, the young in particular, across the globe. These aims will be accomplished, using charitable donations, by:

  • Commissioning and publishing reviews of current productions of performances on the Playstosee,com website, without charge to the public.
  • Maintaining and developing the website.
  • Giving individuals with an interest in the performing arts develop their writing skills and become accredited reviewers, with their work published and disseminated in the public arena on the Internet.
  • Arranging for theatres to provide free tickets for performances, to be allocated to accredited reviewers of
  • Offering critical writing and theatre workshops.
  • Developing collaborations with educational institutions (schools and universities) in nurturing creative and critical writing, through specific projects and providing a conduit for informing the public about them.
  • Engaging with literature and theatre departments in academia on specific projects, and act as a conduit for informing the public about them.
  • Giving youth the opportunity to experience the richness and appreciation of the performing arts.
  • Promoting and publishing good reviews submitted by school children and students in higher education.
  • Collaborating with educational initiatives of theatres to expand and enhance interest in the performing arts among the young.

        Promoting expressions of multiculturalism by:

        a. providing publicity for International theatre festivals

b. Arranging for reviewers, young in particular, the                    opportunity to see shows and review them.

       c.  Publish reviews in English with a summary in the local            language.

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