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The Raj Saubhag Ashram is primarily a spiritual centre, and is located in Sayla, a village rich in spiritual history. However, the surrounding region suffers from severe poverty, a harsh climate and barren soil. Param Pujya Bapuji, a son of this soil, with a distinguished local career in government service, was very conscious of the suffering of the local population. Once the Ashram was established in 1976, with the spirituality as its primary focus, throughout his time as head of the Ashram and beyond, Bapuji emphasised the cultivation of the quality of compassion in all his disciples and encouraged activities to improve the welfare of those living around the Ashram.

He inspired the Ashram members to look out for the needs of others, while pursuing personal spiritual goals, and this has led to contributions to local society in the fields of education, medicine, distribution of food and clothing, rehabilitation of the physically challenged, vocational training, as well as emergency relief. As well as sowing the seeds of compassion, Param Pujya Bapuji always said that the cultivation of detachment (Vairagya) was fundamental to spiritual (Adhyatmic) progress. However, this detachment is compassionate. In our routinely comfortable lives, we often forget the misery of others, and sometimes lose a sense of perspective. When we work or become acquainted with those less fortunate than us, we immediately regain perspective, if we are thoughtful, and this will lead us to re-examine the certainty of the things we take for granted. In our service of others, we not only facilitate transformation of their livelihoods, we also transform ourselves. Compassion for the self and others, combined with detachment, will enable us to live in this world in a way which creates inner peace and harmony with those around us.

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