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Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS is an independent charity set up for the purpose of providing specialist remedial yoga classes, related information and social contact for people affected by ME/CFS in Sheffield and surrounding districts.

ME/CFS (Myalgic encephelomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) is a neurological illness which causes many symptoms including extreme debilitating fatigue, confusion, exhaustion and malaise (the onset of which is sometimes delayed) following exertion.

Many people with ME/CFS have found yoga a tremendous help in managing the illness and coping with symptoms.  The yoga sessions are specially designed for those with ME/CFS and are more gentle than a normal yoga class, as a normal yoga class is far too strenuous for most.  There is an emphasis on relaxation, breathing and very gently postures.  Everyone is encouraged to work within their own capabilities on that day.  Just doing yoga relaxations, visualisations, breathing and meditation with no actual physical movement at all can still have many benefits.

All the teachers are experienced in therapeutic yoga. 

The group provides regular newsletters by post and e-mail, information on the website and resources such as yoga books/CDs/tapes which are available from a postal library. 

In a recent survey of people attending the classes, 100% of these people reported that the practice enabled them to manage their illness better, led to an improvement in symptoms,  and everyone valued the social benefits of the sessions.

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