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Brooke House 3-5 Dewsbury Road,
Cleckheaton,West Yorkshire
BD19 3RS

01765 677494

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Speak With IT is a not for profit charity set up by people and families who have been directly impacted by aphasia.

Our aim is to help stroke and head injury survivors who suffer from aphasia to rebuild their lives and improve their quality of life through one to one support and help. We encourage the use of aphasia software to help sufferers improve their speech and word finding abilities.

Our efforts have been gratefully received across the Yorkshire area and we are passionate about extending our support services to other parts of England. Unfortunately we have no formal funding and as such we find it difficult to cover the costs of recruiting and training volunteers, in addition, as a charity we aim to provide free laptops and software to our clients for a trial period for them to decide if the benefits of our assistance will be worthwhile and this is another significant cost which we need help with.

With our support we hope to help people improve their speech and word finding abilities, gain confidence, lose their feeling of isolation and get back into the broader community.

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