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It Could Be You! the Parkinson's Lottery - Age Restrictions Do Not Apply

The ‘go to’ charity for those with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease - YOPD.  

These are our three main aims:

• To have YOPD recognised in the UK and beyond as a separate condition - with rare disease status. With different symptoms and life challenges to traditional PD and a greater chance of genetic links, in the UK we would like to see separate NICE guidelines for YOPD.

• To consider those with YOPD as a long-term investment – encouraging self-help through diet, exercise, education and counselling – with more treatment options available for when oral medication no longer works.

• To give the newly diagnosed, and those around them, the strength and support to stand up, be counted and help themselves – by working with their neurologist, PD nurse and GP.

Spotlight is run by Young Onset Parkies for Young Onset Parkies. We have the inside story and recognise when the system doesn't work - it’s these gaps we are trying to plug. 

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