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St. Davids Children Society is the longest serving adoption agency in Wales. The children we place for adoption are amongst the most marginalised in society. Their ages range from 2 to 10 years of age. Some are brothers and sisters who need to be placed together in a new adoptive family. Others are children with disabilities, with learning difficulties, or from minority communities. All of these children have been neglected, ill treated and had their attachments disrupted.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child promotes the right of family life for every child. In our 65 year history we have placed over 2,000 for adoption, delivering this fundamental right to each one of these children.

St Davids Childrens Society

It takes approximately two years for each child to settle with their new adoptive family. Many of these children are understandably reluctant to make attachments to adults. Past experience has taught them not to trust their carers. With support from our adoption team they do learn how to set these fears aside, gradually rebuilding their young, fractured lives.

Providing long term support to such placements requires highly skilled, specialised staff. We rely on your generosity to continue to provide high quality support services to these children, work that is so vital in ensuring placement success. By making a donation you will play a significant part in making a very positive difference to these children’s lives. Thank you.

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