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Our mission is to partner and support the community of Nzara in the south west of South Sudan. Ideas for projects come from the community through Bishop Samuel Peni, the Bishop of Nzara and 99% of the funds we raise go directly to the community.

Our main focus is St. Timothy's School, Nzara which started as one class of 35 under a mango tree six years ago and now has over 500 children, 4 classrooms and seven teachers. The school has a high reputation because of it's qualified teachers, tried and tested curriculum and good management. The next stage of development is a teacher training program for new teachers so that as the school grows the children continue to have high quality teaching.

We also fund 42 women with a well organised microfinance scheme. Many of these women are widows and their small loans and training enable them to set up small businesses like market stalls and support their family independently.

The maternal mortality rate is South Sudan is one of the highest in the world and so far we have trained and equipped over 50 Traditional Birth Attendants which has reduced the maternal mortality rate to very low levels.

To maintain our partnership we communicate regularly, receive photos, school reports and exchange self funded visits.

By keeping our expenses very low, and using volunteers extensively, we aim to develop our links with the Nzara community long term and make a really positive difference in all our lives.

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