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Teckels is a registered charity whose primary aim is to provide the best possible care to dogs and cats who find themselves in need of help. 

Our vision is a world where all animals are well cared for and respected.

At our centre we care for cats and dogs who, for many different reasons, have found themselves without a home. Some have had a difficult past during which they may have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Others have previously had owners who are sadly no longer in a position to look after them. We work hard to find new homes for all the animals that arrive at our centre.

We also aim to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs by educating the public on the responsibilities of animal ownership.

The centre is run by a team of people who really understand and care about animals. Whatever an animal’s history we provide active rehabilitation and positive reinforcement with the aim of finding them a new home. We have a non-destruction policy and believe that all animals deserve the chance of a happy life.

It costs over £30,000 per month to run Teckels and every year, we feed:

1,360 kg of dry dog kibble and 1,500 tins of dog meat

325kg of dry cat kibble and 8,000 pouches of cat meat!

Half of Teckels income comes from donations so your support is absolutely invaluable. Teckels is always honoured to receieve a donation  that will help us continue our vital animal welfare work. Thank you for your support.

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