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You can take your kids to a playground FOR FREE.
You can use skateboard parks... FOR FREE.
You can play on a basketball court... FOR FREE.
You can book a tennis court... FOR A FEE?

You shouldn't have to pay to use your local park tennis courts. 

We are changing that and you can help!

Tennis For free is a charity not only opening up courts to use for free, but providing invigorating and fun mass participation sessions to all. Tennis is a fun, fully inclusive game for life and we are here to prove that!

We provide all the equipment needed, fully qualified coaches and fun games to give everyone in the community the chance to participate, be active and make new friends. 

This scheme aids in so many other aspects in society; saving public sports facilities, getting the public outdoors and exercising and helping with mental health and GP referral schemes

It's not just tennis, it is a community project, anyone can get involved so YES, you can help!

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