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"The reading group mends holes in the net you would otherwise fall through."

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For over a decade, The Reader has been working to improve lives and bring people together by putting great literature into the hands of those who need it most through our innovative Shared Reading model.

We bring people together in small, weekly groups where personal feeling is listened to and valued. Group members are welcome to share their thoughts on the stories and poems that are read aloud in the group, forming connections with the literature and with each other. This simple idea helps to build confidence, improve wellbeing and create a feeling of community.

Our team of trained staff and volunteers read with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We work with people who are living with dementia, recovering from substance misuse, living with chronic pain, at risk of poor mental health or social isolation. 

Shared Reading can improve health and wellbeing and combat social isolation, and we want to make it a part of every community across the UK. Your donation can help to make that happen.

The Reader works to bring about social change by sharing great literature, making it possible for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage with reading, improve well-being and build community.
Through our Shared Reading projects, where prose and poetry are read aloud in groups that meet each week, we bring the pleasure of great literature to people of all ages across the UK, with the help of a trained facilitator. Shared Reading provides an appealing and holistic service to those most in need - the elderly, people suffering from mental ill-health, offenders, looked-after children - enabling them to develop the emotional apparatus to improve their personal happiness and social functioning. 
The Reader is an independent charity. Our head office is in Liverpool and we have projects running across the North West, North East and South West of England, London and North Wales. 
We work with local health, education and social care authorities, as well as library services, community organisations, the criminal justice sector and care home providers to deliver over 200,000 hours of reading each year. 
Our Read to Lead training course has also enabled over 700 people (from nurses and librarians, to fire fighters and probation officers) to deliver Shared Reading groups in their part of the country.

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