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Turning the Tide, UK is a small, local charity - Charity Number 1122935. We registered the charity over ten years ago and have been involved with children's and youth work in various settings for 27 years.

We aim to build and strengthen community, particularly through supporting young families and children. Often working with those in significant need, we aim to strengthen family relationships, build confidence and raise self-esteem by arranging residential weekends away with appropriate activities under the title 'TREASURE'. We also offer pastoral support to the families between these events.

Your donation will be used to help needy single parent families, who would not otherwise have the opportunity to have a holiday, to enjoy a quality weekend away in the countryside. They are invited on a 'donate as you can afford' basis, which leaves us with a significant deficit.

We have an excellent, long track record working with children and have been arranging these weekends for families since 2012. We have two weekends booked for this year, two more scheduled for 2018 and we're already looking into 2019.

One Mum, "Annie", who came on our last event wrote to us recently, ending her text by saying, "It all started with you two inviting us to TREASURE when we were literally alone in the world. I'll never forget your kindness." There must be many 'Annies' out there needing to know they are loved!

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