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Wamba is a small town in Samburu, Kenya, 300 miles north of Nairobi with a population of about 5,000 spread over a five mile radius.  The Samburu people are nomadic pastoralists living in a semi arid environment.  Wamba is situated at the base of the Matthews Range and covers a largea area of many different communities.
The charity was set up in 2005 and registered in 2010.  I have visited Wamba every year since 2005 and have been able to live in the community and get a better understanding of life in Wamba and how best our small charity can support the lives of the children and young people living in the town.
All the money raised through the charity goes directly to the community and no money is taken out for our running cost or travel expences.  In the past few years as the charity has grown, I have started to visit twice a year.
Some of our main achievements:-
  • Wamba Community Trust has supported 49 students, mainly girls, through secondary and further education with 32 on going.
  • Margwe Water Project - built a water reservoir, supplied connecting pipes to the warer source and laid pipes from the reservoir to the local community of Margwe.  Wamba Community Trust provides on going maintenance when needed.
  • Ruby Pre-school - built a classroom, kitchen, toilets and provided a water tank and desks for the 100 children that met every day under a tree to learn.  Each year we provide uniforms, books, pencils and any other equipment they need.
  • Funded the treatment for 14 children with different medical needs.
  • Provided every school in Wamba with football kits courtesy of KitAid, and organised regular community football competitions for the young people including a big Wamba Community Trust tournament in October 2017.

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