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Be part of making School Days the best that they can be
Do you remember your school days? Were they the best days of your life? The reality is that for many young people today, school days are a challenge. Home life is tough, peer pressure is strong, and finding your way in the world can feel very daunting. Our vision is to connect the heart of the church with the school community, through the development of mutual trust and respect. Young people need churches and schools to work together – because together we can bring hope and life and make school days the best that they can be.
School Days is a chance for you to make that vision a reality. By simply giving a day.
Money… Could you give one day’s pay to support the expansion of the Mind the Gap project? Mind the Gap helps children transition successfully from primary school to secondary school – a vital stage of life when many new challenges occur. Mind the Gap works with parents, teachers and churches to support children and ensure that the big move is not just less scary, but really provides an opportunity for new growth and development. Give here.

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Young people today are under immense pressure. Whether its their spirituality, the values they want to live by, or the choices they need to make for their future, its hard for young people to find any space in todays fast-paced culture.

The pressures to fit in with the latest brands, to achieve academically, to engage in sexual activity are greater for todays young people than for previous generations. The pace of life, the obsession with school league tables, the force of consumer culture and access to the Internet  including pornography  has reshaped life for our children in ways we never imagined possible.

This is why we are committed to work in partnership with schools to create opportunities and space for young people to explore and reflect on their lives.

Giving to Soulscape makes it possible for us to create space for young people in Wokingham to explore life in all its fullness. 

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