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‘If it wasn’t for playing music, I wouldn’t be alive. I used to carry a knife a few years ago, but music changed all that. Playing an instrument is my protection now - I just don’t need any knives or weapons on me.’

When you have a goal and then you finally get it you feel so happy, it just feels so great.  If I didn’t pick up the flute, or if I didn’t have music in my life, I wouldn’t have anything to focus on, it would just be unhappy. I can’t really imagine my life without the flute. I would be influenced by bad things, I would have no motivation, and I would have nothing really, yes nothing.’

Two stories told by two of our musicians that sum up what the World Heart Beat Musical Academy is about. 

Young people yearn for purpose and achievement. Sometimes they don’t want to admit it or are no longer motivated to seek it out.  Learning to play an instrument and to play with other musicians is the simplest and best way for young people to find that purpose again. Everything they crave - self worth, self confidence and satisfaction - flows from this one activity.

Music tuition is not always offered in local schools and private music lessons are expensive. It’s not easy for young people to participate. Now it is.

We have found that the power of music lifts children out of isolation and disadvantage. Learning and playing music enables young people to feel that they are part of something; something that nobody can take away from them. This confidence translates to other areas of their life, giving them the freedom to make choices and to be happy, successful adults and these life skills have never been more important than in the current global economic situation.

We feel that music is the Heart Beat of Humanity.

With hope, belief and investment greatness can be achieved.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please donate today to help us make learning musical instruments available to all our children and young people

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