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‘Every young person has the right to a home’

Youth Homeless North East (YHNE) is one of a kind working directly with young people who have experienced homelessness, and organisations who care about the plight of youth homelessness; working together ‘to prevent, tackle and resolve homelessness experienced by young people aged 14 to 25 years old’.

Our focus is the big picture, we want to stop homelessness before it starts and when it does occur, make sure it is resolved quickly. YHNE works to influence youth homelessness policy and strategy to create a future where all young people have a home. Young people are at the centre of what we do; we listen to them, taking forward their ideas to service providers, commissioners and policy makers, to bring about change to end youth homelessness.

Why your help is needed

In 2018 almost 400 young people in the north east requested housing advice and support; 400 young people without anywhere secure to live. Family tensions continue to be the main cause of youth homelessness, with lack of independent living skills, not being in education, training or employment, and mental health problems featuring as the highest areas of need. Key characteristics of the young people seeking or accessing support were those aged 16-17 years old, young parents/pregnant young people and care leavers.

We are passionate in our ambition to make sure every young person has a home and welcome your support to make our ambition a reality.

YHNE’s objective is ‘to prevent, tackle and resolve homelessness experienced by young people aged 14 to 25 years old in the north of England’  by:
Amplifying the voice of young people to shape solutions and influence policy.
Growing our ability to broker strategic solutions to Youth Homelessness.
Increasing early intervention and prevention impact through education and local capacity building.
Developing local and regional delivery models with effective route maps for young people at risk of homelessness.
Increasing the collective knowledge and societal awareness of homelessness through research, robust evidence and effective dissemination.
Seeking to add value and work in partnership, guided by our core values, and achieve long term sustainability.

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