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[p]This August Charlie Baigler (43), a young father from London, will take on the challenge of cycling the full length of the country in memory of his wife Alex who died of a brain tumour.[/p][p]Alex was just 43 years old when she was diagnosed in 2017. Glioblastoma is the most aggressive form of malignant brain tumour, it has no cure and the typical prognosis is 12 months. Despite trying every treatment available, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, brain surgery and numerous alternative therapies, even regularly travelling to Germany for immunotherapy and dendritic cell therapy, Alex died 15 months later, leaving Charlie to bring up their two young children, Molly, now ten and George aged six:[/p][p]“Every part of this disease is dreadful for every member of the family, the diagnosis, the operations, the brutal treatments and their debilitating side-effects, trying to find hope, trying to rationalise everything and explain to your children mummy is never coming home again. I’m doing this ride to try and raise some money in the hope of finding a cure, or at the very least, an effective treatment for Glioblastoma or any other brain tumour.”[/p][p]Charlie won’t be taking on the challenge alone, Honor and Reuben Morrison will be riding in memory of their dad, Rory Morrison, the much admired Radio 4 Newsreader who died in 2013 of a rare blood cancer when they were only 15 and 12 years old. His widow Nikki was Alex’s cousin:[/p][p] “Alex’s children were just seven and three when she died, about the same age as my two were when Rory was diagnosed, it’s an awful thing to have in common. Rory was going through his second stem cell transplant when he died, he too endured years of gruelling treatments, he wanted so much to be around to see them grow up. [/p][p]“Traumatic death tears some families apart but we are working hard to make sure that it brings us together, we want Alex’s children to grow up knowing her family, and Ride 4 Alex and Rory (R4AR) is part of that.”[/p][p]They will be raising money for three charities, all working to find cures: [/p][p] [url=http://www.headcase.org.uk/]Headcase[/url] [/p][p][url=https://www.thebraintumourcharity.org/]The Brain Tumour Charity[/url][/p][p]And [/p][p][url=https://www.wmuk.org.uk/research/rory-morrison-wmuk-registry]The Rory Morrison WMUK Registry.[/url][/p][p][br][/p][p]Nikki says, “We lost our loved ones to cancers that are woefully under-funded. Headcase says that brain tumours receive just 1.4% of the total cancer spend and survival rates have hardly improved in the past forty years.[/p][p]The cancer that killed Rory, Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia, is so rare that people don’t know how to say it let alone cure it. [/p][p]The Rory Morrison WMUK Registry was set up to give clinicians real-world data that will help in the search for treatments and cures but relies solely on charitable donations.”[/p][p] In total 13 riders, including cousins, uncles, aunts and friends will complete the whole of #R4AR2020. The route will take in places of significance, including Malvern where Rory grew up and went to school at Malvern College. Single day riders will join for different legs. The majority are planning to take 12 days to complete the entire route - with Charlie expected to catch up with them around Bristol. They will finish, appropriately, in Cornwall where Alex, a former Truro High School pupil, grew-up and most of her family still live. [/p][p]Peter Jenkins (cousin to Alex, Uncle to Honor and Reuben), is the main organiser:[/p][p]“At one point it wasn’t clear if the whole thing would have to be cancelled but we took advantage of socially-distanced rides to train as much as we could. Charities are really desperate for support after so many events had to be abandoned so we are delighted that we can go ahead.[/p][p]“Some of us only got on a bike for the first time at the beginning of lockdown and by the time we pedal into Lands End we will have covered 1000 miles and climbed over 60,000 feet - twice the height of Everest!”[/p][p]We would like to thank our sponsors who have also pulled out the stops to support us at a difficult time for many businesses: [url=https://www.meandmrsjonesdeli.com/]Me and Mrs Jones Deli, Torquay[/url]; [url=https://www.squarefootmedia.co.uk/]Squarefoot Media, Edinburgh[/url]; [url=https://www.internationalsos.com/locations/europe/united-kingdom]International SOS, London[/url];[/p][p]and [url=https://rugbyradiosuk.com/]Rugby Radios, St Albans[/url].”[/p][p][br][/p]
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Oct 28, 2020



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Oct 14, 2020

Sally Sharrard


Oct 9, 2020

Tom W

amazing effort by everyone, congratulations on raising such a huge amount for such a worthy cause.


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Oct 6, 2020



Sep 27, 2020

Jeremy Armstrong

Well done John and team Better late than! Wor Jezza


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Sep 24, 2020


From Wendy West. Well done to all involved.


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Sep 24, 2020

Nicola Baines

Well done guys! X


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Sep 24, 2020


I’m sooo late to the party in typical me fashion but I am so immensely proud of you xx


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Sep 23, 2020


Sep 22, 2020

Sherry Ellis

Congratulations to you all. What an achievement - much needed support for such worthy causes


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