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My story

[p]Check out my blog for more info[/p][p]On the 21st of August 1991 I went for Open Heart Surgery at a week old.[/p][p]I was born with Congenital Heart Disease. My Mum and Dad took me home to my Brother who was about to turn the big 5. However I wouldn't swallow my milk, my grandma came round and got me to drink some, but it all came back up and my face had lost all its colour. The Midwife, Sister Orm, came out and called the Doctors. Dr Cavalier took one look at me and said to phone for an ambulance. [/p][p]We were taken to St Lukes, then the BRI where they stabalised me so I could go onto Killingbeck Hospital dedicated to Heart Surgery. My brother was already fast asleep in bed upstairs, so my Grandma slept at our house. [/p][p]Eventually they found I had two holes in my heart and interrupted aortic arch. Dr Waterson and Dr Dickenson were the ones who did my surgery. I have never met Doctor Waterson, he was in the UK from Australia, he must have gone home. I have met Dr Dickenson in a follow up appointment and that was great. I have also met the Sister Orm who made the right decision. These people and many others are the reason I'm still here and choosing to support The British Heart Foundation. [/p][p]I am opting to split my donation between two charities, The British Heart Foundation and The Childrens Heart Surgery Fund. [/p][p]With your support we can Beat Heartbreak Forever. We can raise money to save lives. [/p][p]The BHF has helped halve the number of people dying from heart and circulatory disease in the UK but sadly every day hundreds of people lose their lives. It's only thanks to support from people like us that the BHF can create new treatments and discover new cures. [/p][p]The Children's Heart Surgery Fund help to support families who's child is undergoing care at the Leeds General Infirmary. They were set up back in 1988, with the motto is "Every child a childhood". When a child undergoes heart surgery they receive a medal and a bear, named Katy. I still have my bear today, except my bear is called Rosie. [/p][p]I am lucky and that is why I want to do a number of different things over the year to raise awareness and money for these two amazing charities. I would love your support so we can together give those born with and acquired heart conditions the chance to live a long and happy life. Please help in any way you can, every pound counts. Thank you. [/p]
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Jul 9, 2021



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Jun 27, 2021

Adam and Amy

You are an inspiration to us all


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Jun 18, 2021



May 12, 2021


Apr 12, 2021

Mum & Dad



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Apr 10, 2021



Apr 7, 2021


I’m pleased to see you are doing well. Keep up the good work.


Apr 4, 2021


Mar 9, 2021


Great work Philippa!


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Mar 8, 2021


Happy International Women’s Day, you incredible heartwarrior!! Xx


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