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Team story

[p][b]Clare Moriarty, Katie Pickersgill, Gemma Davies, Jim MacDonald, Brian Freemantle, Matthew Brown, Jonathan Mottershead [/b]and [b]John Bengough [/b]have accepted the challenge of climbing the tallest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland - with a big slice of help from our friends in the rail industry. And all in 36(ish) hours.[/p][p]Really - they should know better......[/p][p]But no, they're willing to climb Snowdon in the dark (harder than it sounds), slog across a bog before even starting to ascend Scafell Pike (wetter than it sounds) then finally get to the top of Ben Nevis without being bitten to pieces by midges (itchier than it sounds).[/p][p]And why? Because this - temporary - discomfort is as nothing to the abuse and exploitation faced by the kids on the street whom the Railway Children seeks to help. [/p][p]And so we ask you to help -  torches, dry socks and bite cream would be good - but donations would be even better.[/p][p]With a long history of involvement with this event, this year the Department for Transport is fielding two teams who are fundraising together. [/p][p]Your donation will make a difference, and is much appreciated.[/p][p]More details about the event and the work of the Railway Children can be found here: [url=http://www.railwaychildren.org.uk/how-to-help/events/uk-challenges/three-peaks-challenge-by-rail/#.UtgvRD-YbIV]http://www.railwaychildren.org.uk/how-to-help/events/uk-challenges/three-peaks-challenge-by-rail/#.UtgvRD-YbIV[/url][/p]


Aug 6, 2014

Donations from Sweepstake winners

4 winners from the World Cup sweepstake donated their prizes to the Railway Children, and sundry other donations


Jul 21, 2014

Sarah & Malcolm

Well done John


Jul 13, 2014

Mac and Sally


Jul 13, 2014

Tim Reardon


Jul 13, 2014

Michael and Rachel Moriarty


Jul 8, 2014

Rail Projects Directorate Away Day Cake Sale


Jul 7, 2014


Well done!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Jul 3, 2014

Sally Thomas


Jul 2, 2014


Hope your foot infection heals soon Gemma


plus £2.50 Gift Aid

Jun 29, 2014


Well done John and all the team.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

John Bengough

John Bengough

Clare Moriarty

Clare Moriarty

Gemma Davies

Gemma Davies

Jonathan Mottershead

Jonathan Mottershead

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown

Brian Freemantle

Brian Freemantle

Katie Pickersgill

Katie Pickersgill

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