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Rowan Purrett

A Peak a Week

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My story

[p]Hi, I'm Rowan, and I started my challenge on my 11th Birthday (September 2017) with the plan to climb I 79 peaks in 79 weeks. The peaks were all in Scotland (with a couple of exceptions!) and had to be a Graham, Corbett or Munro. The money raised is going to help children less lucky than me in Kenya, through Karibuni Children ([url=http://www.karibuni.org.uk]www.karibuni.org.uk[/url]), which aims to raise awareness about the plight of children living on the streets and slums in areas of urban and rural poverty in Kenya. I was inspired to do this by Karen Darke’s “Quest ‘79” (www.karendarke.com) which I heard her talking about on the radio. She is a Paralympic athlete and was the hand cycling time trial gold medallist in Rio 2016. 79 is an important number for her and she is going to cycle through the 7 continents on 9 different routes for her personal challenge. [/p][p]I have now completed all 79 peaks, and managed to complete them within the 79 weeks (just!)! Here is the full list:[/p][p] Location Name Height (m) Classification Date [/p][p]1 Skye Garbh Bheinn 806 Corbett 19/09/2017 [/p][p]2 Skye Belig 702 Graham 19/09/2017 [/p][p]3 Glenelg Druim Fada 713 Graham 24/09/2017 [/p][p]4 South Shiel Creag a Mhaim 947 Munro 30/09/2017 [/p][p]5 South Shiel Druim Shionnach 987 Munro 30/09/2017 [/p][p]6 South Shiel Druim Shionnach 938 Munro Top 30/09/2017[/p][p] (west top) [/p][p]7 South Shiel Aonach air Chrith 1021 Munro 30/09/2017 [/p][p]8 South Shiel Maol Chinn dearg 981 Munro 30/09/2017 [/p][p]9 Skye Marsco 736 Graham 07/10/2017 [/p][p]10 Morvich Sgurr an Airgid 841 Corbett 11/10/2017 [/p][p]11 Skye The Storr 717 Graham 19/10/2017 [/p][p]12 Skye Hartaval 668 Graham 19/10/2017 [/p][p]13 Cullin Ridge Bruach na Frithe 958 Munro 05/11/2017 [/p][p]14 Cullin Ridge Sgurr a'Bhasteir 900 Corbett Top 05/11/2017 [/p][p]15 Skye Beinn na Caillich 732 Graham 25/11/2017[/p][p]16 Skye Sgurr na Coinnich 739 Graham 25/11/2017[/p][p]17 Skye Ben Aslak 610 Graham 06/01/2018[/p][p]18 Skye Beinn Dearg Mhor 709 Graham 04/02/2018 [/p][p]19 Skye Beinn na Caillich 732 Graham 04/02/2018 [/p][p] (Broadford) [/p][p]20 Skye Beinn Dearg Mhor 731 Graham 18/02/2018[/p][p]21 Kintail Carn Ghluasaid 957 Munro 03/03/2018 [/p][p]22 Skye Glamaig 775 Corbett 24/03/2018 [/p][p]23 Kintail A'Ghlas Bheinn 918 Munro 09/04/2018[/p][p]24 Cullin Ridge Gars Bheinn 895 Corbett Top 11/04/2018[/p][p]25 Cullin Ridge Sgurr a'Choire Bhig 875 Corbett Top 11/04/2018[/p][p]26 Cullin Ridge Sgurr nan Eag 924 Munro 11/04/2018 [/p][p]27 Applecross Sgurr a Chaorachain 773 Corbett Top 28/04/2018[/p][p] (west top)[/p][p]28 Applecross Sgurr a Chaorachain 792 Corbett 28/04/2018[/p][p]29 Applecross Beinn Bhan 896 Corbett 28/04/2018[/p][p]30 Applecross Beinn Bhan 763 Corbett Top 28/04/2018[/p][p] (south top)[/p][p]31 Glenelg Beinn Sgritheall 974 Munro 07/05/2018[/p][p]32 Glenelg Beinn Sgritheall 928 Munro Top 07/05/2018[/p][p] (northwest top)[/p][p]33 Glenelg Beinn Sgritheall 906 Corbett Top 07/05/2018[/p][p] (east top)[/p][p]34 South Shiel Ridge Sgurr corrie na Feinne 902 Corbett Top 27/05/2018[/p][p]35 South Shiel Ridge Sgurr a Doire Leathain 1010 Munro 27/05/2018[/p][p]36 South Shiel Ridge Sgurr an Lochain 1004 Munro 27/05/2018 [/p][p]37 South Shiel Ridge Sgurr Beag 896 Corbett Top 27/05/2018[/p][p]38 South Shiel Ridge Creag nan Damh 918 Munro 27/05/2018 [/p][p]39 Skye Bla Bheinn 928 Munro 09/06/2018[/p][p]40 Skye Bla Bheinn 923 Munro Top 09/06/2018 [/p][p] (SW top)[/p][p]41 North Shiel Ridge Saileag 956 Munro 24/06/2018 [/p][p]42 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr a Bhealaich Dheirg 1036 Munro 24/06/2018 [/p][p]43 North Shiel Ridge Aonach Meadhoin 1001 Munro 24/06/2018 [/p][p]44 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr a Fhurail 987 Munro Top 24/06/2018 [/p][p]45 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr a Furail 854 Corbett Top 24/06/2018[/p][p] (South top)[/p][p]46 Cadair Idris Mynydd Moel 863 Corbett Top 09/07/2018[/p][p]47 Cadair Idris Cadair Idris 893 Corbett 09/07/2018 [/p][p]48 Cadair Idris Craig Cwm Amarch 791 Corbett Top 09/07/2018 [/p][p]49 Black Mountains Lord Hereford's Knob 690 Hewitt (Graham) 13/07/2018 [/p][p]50 Black Mountains Chwarel y Fan 679 Hewitt (Graham) 13/07/2018 [/p][p]51 South Shiel Ridge Faochag 909 Corbett Top 08/08/2018 [/p][p]52 South Shiel Ridge Sgurr na Sgine 945 Munro 08/08/2018[/p][p]53 South Shiel Ridge Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais 885 Corbett 08/08/2018 [/p][p]54 Rum Askival 812 Corbett 12/08/2018 [/p][p]55 South Shiel Ridge Sgurr na Forcan 963 Munro Top 25/09/18[/p][p]56 South Shiel Ridge The Saddle 1010 Munro 25/09/18[/p][p]57 South Shiel Ridge Biod an fhithich 644 Graham 25/09/18[/p][p]58 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr nan Spainteach 990 Munro Top 06/10/18[/p][p]59 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe 1027 Munro 06/10/18[/p][p]60 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr na Carnach 1002 Munro 06/10/18[/p][p]61 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr Fhuaran 1067 Munro 06/10/18 [/p][p]62 North Shiel Ridge Sgurr nan Saighead 929 Munro Top 06/10/18 [/p][p]63 Cuillin Ridge Sgurr Thuilm 879 Corbett Top 28/10/18[/p][p]64 Cuillin Ridge Sgurr a'Mhadaidh 918 Munro 28/10/18 [/p][p]65 Glen Shiel Creag a'Chaorainn 998 Munro Top 10/11/18[/p][p]66 Glen Shiel Sgurr nan Conbhairean 1109 Munro 10/11/18[/p][p]67 Glen Shiel Drochaid an Tuill Easaich 1001Munro 10/11/18[/p][p]68 Cuillin Sgurr na Banachdich 965 Munro 24/11/18 [/p][p]69 Cuillin Sgurr Thormaid 927 Munro Top 24/11/18 [/p][p]70 Cuillin Sgurr na Banachdich [/p][p] (Centre Top) 942 Munro Top 24/11/18 [/p][p]71 Cuillin Sgurr Dearg 978 Munro 24/11/18 [/p][p]72 Kintail Beinn Bhuidhe 869 Corbett Top 02/01/19 [/p][p]73 Kintail Sgurr na Moraich 876 Corbett 02/01/19 [/p][p]74 Balnacra Beinn Liath Mhor 926 Munro 19/1/19 [/p][p]75 Balnacra Beinn Liath Mhor 887 Corbett Top 19/1/19[/p][p] East Top[/p][p]76 Balnacra Beinn Liath Mhor 876 Corbett Top 19/1/19[/p][p] Far East Top[/p][p]77 Balnacra Beinn Liath Mhor 769 Corbett Top 19/1/19[/p][p] South Top[/p][p]78 Glencoe Pap of Glencoe 742 Graham 19/2/19[/p][p]79 Skye Sgurr Beag 765 Corbett Top 16/3/19[/p][p]Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations. [/p][vmgvideo class="ql-video" allowfullscreen="true" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/eqrI9Pp9Vk0?showinfo=0&rel=0&iv_load_policy=3" frameborder="0"][/vmgvideo]
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Personal Challenge Date

26 Mar 2019


May 5, 2019

Alan Andrew

Hi Rowan, Sorry, I cannot remember the amount pledged so hope this covers it!

£80.00 plus £20.00 Gift Aid

Apr 14, 2019


Well done, Rowan. What energy and determination; and how fit the family must be.

£100.00 plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Apr 14, 2019


A donation received from Brenda and Tony. Many thanks.


Apr 14, 2019


Many thanks for your donation, Jane!


Apr 8, 2019

Pete Honeyball

Absolutely brilliant - well done!

£16.00 plus £4.00 Gift Aid

Apr 6, 2019


Well done Rowan a great achievement

Apr 1, 2019

Kevin and Christine

Congratulations Rowan on your achievement, cannot wait to hear your next challenge. All the best for the future Kevin, Christine and a woof woof from Daegan and Flora.

£30.79 plus £7.70 Gift Aid

Apr 1, 2019

Cathy Whiteway

£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Mar 29, 2019


Rowan, I work at a college in my home town and have been using your story as a talking point when discussing volunteering with the students. I think what you have done is incredible and should be hugely proud of what you have done.

£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Mar 25, 2019


A donation received from Hilary Prall