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[p]Hi All,Thank you so much for taking the time to read the below and showing an interest in why I am raising funds for Road Victims Trust in the name of Gail Brown a close family friend, much loved daughter and devoted wife to Ian . [/p][p]The challenge will be the Vitality 10000 in London. Last year 12400 people ran 10km through the streets of London for this event, and thought i would punish myself for a good cause. I know not quite a marathon but give me time......[/p][p]I appreciate this maybe difficult for the family and friends of Gail to read however it is to serve two purposes.[/p][p]1) To make people think twice before drinking a drop of alcohol or touching drugs and stepping into a car.[/p][p]&[/p][p]2) To help people like Gail's family and friends who have suffered the tragic loss of a loved one through a road traffic accident.[/p][p][u]Gail's Story[/u][/p][p]Gail was a fun loving person who was fun to be around and always had a smile on her face. She was a close family friend, who my sisters referred to as auntie. Gail was like a member of the family as well as being a friend. Gail was bubbly and bright and lit up any room she walked into and best friend to my step mum Karen and my dad Dave. She was generous and always had time for anyone and everyone.[/p][p]On the 22nd of December 2017, Gail made her way work like any other normal day, it was the last day before the Christmas holidays, a time that would be spent with her family, friends and loved ones. No one knew that this unfortunately would be Gail's last day with them.[/p][p]In the early afternoon of the 22nd of December, Gail was involved in a fatal car accident. Gail was 56 years of age.[/p][p]Gail left work as she would do normally, drove the normal route home, in her normal car, in her normal safe manner. Unfortunately, however normal this trip should have been. It would change the life of Gail's family forever.[/p][p]Gail's car was struck by another car driving erratically in the opposite direction, the driver had consumed half a bottle of vodka and had considerable amounts of cocaine and canabis in her system. [/p][p]The woman responsible has been given a custodial sentence of 8 years but will only serve 4 in prison. I think we would all agree this is nothing in comparison to the lifetime of hurt that Gail's husband, parents, friends and family have and will suffer.[/p][p]The story should you wish to read please copy and past this link into your browser.[/p][p][/p][p]I have decided to try and raise funds for Road Victims Trust. The RVT help support the families and victims of road traffic accidents.[/p][p]Each year about 1750 die as a result of a road collision on UK roads. This represents an enormous loss. Each person killed or injured will be someone's parent, partner, child, a favorite relative or best friend.[/p][p]The need to provide effective, personal support to those affected by death or life changing injuries resulting from road collisions is a significant issue. There are formal legal processes following a serious road collision that involve the Police, Coroner, Crown Prosecution Service and personal injury lawyers. However, the work to complete these legal processes does not include the provision of specialist emotional and practical support that is so often needed by victims following the collision. Victims include bereaved individuals and families, those that were involved in the collision or who witnessed it. The Road Victims Trust seeks to fill the gap by providing support for the bereaved and people otherwise affected by road death or life changing injuries, who are resident in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.[/p][p]Please spare whatever you can to help families that are affected by road accidents. All funds raised will be given to the charity in honour of Gail and her family. [/p]


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