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Lands' End to John 'o' Groats 1215 mile walk


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[p]Hi, and thank you for visiting my fundraising page. My name is Alan Chape and I will be walking from Land’s End to John ‘o’ Groats between April and June 2021 over a period of just 61 days to raise awareness of the plight some young people in our country face and the problems of homelessness. I am hoping to raise money for two charities as I go, The [b]Childrens’ Society[/b] and [b]Shelter[/b].[/p][p]I am a lifelong walker and have walked several long distance routes in the UK including the Pennine Way, Coast to Coast, Southern Upland Way, and West Highland Way. The longest of these at 268 miles is the Pennine Way which I have walked on three occasions.[/p][p]However, until 2019 I had never walked to raise funds. Then my long-time walking friend Bob died from Alzheimer’s Disease and his Widow and I set off to walk the 500 mile long Camino de Santiago to raise awareness and money to help dementia charities.[/p][p]During this trip I had a life-changing moment in a small hostel chapel in Trinidad de Arre. Not only did I find faith on this trip and make a lot of friends but I also realised that I could use my natural endurance to benefit other people. This year I had intended walking the Camino Portuguese (400 miles) to raise money for a small African Village but Covid 19 prevented that so instead I devised a walk of my own from my home in North Yorkshire to Holy Island and back, a distance of over 300 miles.[/p][p]Listening to the news during this crisis I have become acutely aware of the increased difficulties that have been faced by so many people.[/p][p]Every day there are children and young people in the UK who suffer from abuse, exploitation and neglect. This often comes from within the family or the local community, the very place where they should feel safe. The Covid pandemic has worsened the situation for many young people, and agencies such as The Childrens’ Society who work to help them have found that donations are being severely affected. I would like to help by raising much needed funding so that the Childrens’ Society can continue their valuable work.[/p][p]Homelessness and poor accommodation are terrible problems within the UK which has been increasing in recent times. People living on low incomes or benefits can find themselves in poor accommodation provided by landlords who do nothing to help. They do not have the funds or facilities to challenge the landlord and find themselves having to endure a situation which is unhealthy and depressing. Other people are threatened with eviction without recourse to advice to help overcome a specific complex housing issue. Shelter helps people by offering support, advice, and legal advice to help people have a safe home free from threat.[/p][p]Your support of my walk can bring invaluable help to vulnerable young people and homeless people and those living in poor accommodation. As little as £10 can bring hope back into someone’s life.[/p][p]Your donations will be split equally between the two charities.[/p][p]Thank You from the bottom of my heart.[/p][p]Alan [/p][p][b][u]15th February 2021[/u][/b][/p][p]Covid is taking its toll on planning at the moment and the weather is taking it's toll on training. I have set back the start date to around 20th May, for two reasons. Firstly, lockdown is unlikely to be lifted enough before then and secondly I will have my Covid jabs completed by 14th May.[/p][p]In the meantime here are a couple of photos of current training conditions.[/p][p]I've been asked by one or two people how I am being supported on the trip. Well, actually, my intention is to do the trip unsupported for the most part. I will be backpacking the whole way camping wild if necessary or using campsites where available. (I'll need to do some washing!)[/p][p]From time to time I will need some supplies sending to me via the Post Office such as boots (I've already walked-in two pairs) but most supplies I will pick up as I go. This way I get more time to walk and contemplate and talk to people as I go.[/p][p][b][u]4th May 2021[/u][/b][/p][p]17th May is now my confirmed start day, or at least the day I travel south. If the weather is reasonable I'll make a start when I get there at about 5pm otherwise I'll set off on the 18th. Training is going ok; it would be nice if it was warmer and less windy though.[/p][p][b][u]Day 0: 17th May 2021[/u][/b][/p][p]Getting up at 3.15am today after about four hours sleep was interesting but the journey down here went without a hitch. I just missed the bus to Lands End from Penzance so a quick taxi trip got me there for 3.15pm.[/p][p]So what else could I do but make a start. After a quick look around at Lands End (a bit too much like kiss me quick for me) I ventured onto the Coastal path.[/p][p]Keeping the sea to my left I soon got lost in the myriad paths around here but after a few miles the tourist meanderings settled into a weak defined path.[/p][p]It's very undulating around here and the paths are often rough some which makes walking difficult. Still I managed to get as far as Lower Boscaswell before fatigue took over. I've found a lovely wild camping spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in a sheltered corner.[/p][p]It's 8.36pm. time for bed. Zzzzzzzz[/p][p]I'll see you all again soon.[/p][p][b][u]Day 1: 18th May 2021[/u][/b][/p][p][b][i]Day 1 (morning)[/i][/b][/p][p]This part of Cornwall is really beautiful. The sea views are awesome, rocky coves in abundance and the wildflowers are amazing. There are so many that in places it's hard not to stand on them. I always thought of bluebells as a woodland plant occasionally residing elsewhere but here they are truly a cliff plant surviving despite everything the North Atlantic throws at them.[/p][p]The signs of tin mining are everywhere. It's sad to see the decline of the industry that brought wealth to this area. Still there is tourism.[/p][p]Following the coast path is interesting, it isn't always well marked but you can guarantee that if there is somewhere above you you'll go there and if there is somewhere below you you'll go there immediately afterwards![/p][p]Currently at Zennor which should be tonight's stay enjoying a cup of tea and a bagel. [/p][p][b][i]Day 1 (afternoon)[/i][/b][/p][p]Apparently the first two days are the hardest so I'll be glad when I get to Gwithian. I can actually see it across the estuary from my camping spot tonight amidst the sand dunes.[/p][p]I'm half a day ahead of schedule which is good because I may need a rest if it keeps up like this.[/p][p]So today was about 17 miles but I've done many easier 25 mile days.[/p][p]I've met some lovely people along the way which has delayed me somewhat but I wouldn't change it for the world.[/p][p]The only downside to the day was finding that my brand new £600 tent leaks when it rains heavily![/p][p]Let's hope we get a heatwave some time soon.[/p][p]And thank you to Dave and Caroline Singleton for their generous donation. I only spoke to them for a few minutes yesterday; what a lovely gesture.[/p][p][b][u]Blog Links[/u][/b][/p][p]Adding a detailed lengthy blog every day here is rapidly making it difficult to scroll so I'll post a link on Alan's behalf to where you can read his daily blog and view his pictures. All blog entries are public and can be found at All Saints Church, Easington Facebook page. You can also follow @teesgeek on twitter for links to the blog entries and additional posts during the day, or look for #LejogOnAPrayer [/p][p][u]Day 2 (19th May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 3 (20th May):[/u] [url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 4 (21st May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 5 (22nd May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 6 (23rd May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 7 (24th May): [/u][url=][/url] and [url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 8 (25th May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 9 (26th May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 10 (27th May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 11 (28th May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 12 (29th May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 13 (30th May): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 14/15 (31st May/1st June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 16 (2nd June):[/u] [url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 17 (4th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 18 (5th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 19 (6th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 20 (7th June):[/u] [url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 21 (8th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 22 (9th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 23 (10th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 24 (11th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 25 (12th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 26 (13th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 27 (14th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 28 (15th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 29 (16th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 30 (17th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 31 (18th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 32 (19th June):[/u] [url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 33 (20th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 34 (21st June):[/u] [url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 35 (22nd June) part 1: [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 35 (22nd June) part 2: [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 36/37 (23rd June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 38 (24th June) part 1: [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 38 (24th June) part 2: [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 39 (25th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 40 (26th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 41 (27th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 42 (28th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 43 (29th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 44 (30th June): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 45 (1st July): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 46 (2nd July): [/u][url=][/url][/p][p][u]Day 47 (3rd July, Part 1): [/u][url=][/url]; [/p][p]Day 47 (3rd July, Part 2): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 48 (4th July, Part 1): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 48 (4th July, Part 2): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 49 (5th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 50 (6th July, Part 1): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 50 (6th July, Part 2): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 51 (7th July, Part 1): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 51 (7th July, Part 2): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 52 (8th July, Part 1): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 52 (8th July, Part 2): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 53 (9th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 54 (10th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 55 (11th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 56 (12th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 57 (13th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 58 (14th July, Part 1): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 58 (14th July, Part 2): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 59 (15th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 60 (16th July): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 61 (17th July, Part 1): [url=][/url][/p][p]Day 61 (17th July, Part 2): [url=][/url][/p]
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