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London Marathon 2021


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My story

[p]When babies are born too sick or too soon receiving human milk can be lifesaving. Sometimes their own mother will struggle to produce enough milk herself due to a traumatic birth, illness or her body taking time to catch up after a very early birth. This is where donor human milk - milk donated by other mothers - can help protect the health and development of babies. In short, receiving human milk can support families through an immensely difficult time. [/p][p]In the UK, human milk banks used to exist in every hospital that delivered babies. After the 1980s, a combination of funding constraints and the discovery of HIV meant that only six milk banks that had equipment to heat-treat the milk remained. Even now, only a handful of NHS milk banks exist in England and Wales, meaning donor milk has been a precious resource often rationed to the most sick and premature babies. [/p][p]The Human Milk Foundation was conceived in 2017 by a group of parents, scientists, milk bank experts and doctors. The initial drivers came out of frustration at the lack of support for donor milk provision and countless stories of parents who wanted to access donor milk for their babies, who did not meet the criteria for donor milk use.[/p][p]Scores of families where breastfeeding was impossible because of the mother facing illness, or being absent altogether, could not dream of accessing donor milk except in very rare circumstances. The vicious circle of disinvestment and consequent lack of research had to be broken.[/p][p]The first step was to found the UK’s first independent, non-profit human milk bank, the [url=]Hearts Milk Bank[/url] , founded by Dr Natalie Shenker and Gillian Weaver. With the twin aims of providing equitable access to donor milk and initiating research, the HMB has rapidly grown to provide screened donor milk to hospital neonatal units across the southeast, London, East Anglia and beyond.[/p][p]The HMB also provides milk to families in the community – over the first 3 years of operation we have sent over 2000 litres of milk that could not be used for hospitals has been used by over 100 families. No charge is made, and all milk was provided under the oversight of a healthcare professional. All babies have thrived, and in the cases where the donor milk was used to support the mother to establish her own supply, all the mothers successfully did! Many are still feeding their babies now. You can find out more about this work [url=]here[/url].[/p][p]Alongside the provision of milk, the milk bank team is enabling a raft of research, including ground-breaking work into the composition of human milk over the course of natural term lactation. This is only the start of a range of research projects, working with collaborators in the UK and further afield.[/p]
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Oct 10, 2021

Patti Rundall

Well done Aomy

Oct 10, 2021

Alice and Cain Ormondroyd

Well done Amy! We are so inspired by your work and that of the Hearts Milk Bank.


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Oct 9, 2021



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Oct 8, 2021

Kath Hart

Well done - not just an amazing lecturer but someone crazy enough to run 26 miles round London for fun!

Oct 8, 2021


Well, was there gin at the end? Well done Amy, you superstar!


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Oct 7, 2021



Oct 7, 2021



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Oct 6, 2021

Kitty Holly

Amazing Amy 🤩 Bravo and thank you for all you do for mankind 💜🙏🏻

Oct 4, 2021


Amazing!! x


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Oct 4, 2021

Polly BH

Amazing Amy!


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