Andrew Gillespie

Andrew Gillespie

My 100th Marathon at the 54321 x 50K


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My story

[p]The Salisbury 54321 x 50K is an event I have grown to enjoy and marks a landmark that many years ago I would have laughed at. How did I ever get to the brink of completing a 100 marathons.[/p][p]When I started out I was 16 stone and decided to take up swimming as part of my mid life crisis. This went well and I certainly felt fitter and got down to around 14 stone - ish. One day though I was greeted with the news that the pool I used was to close for serval weeks for maintenance. I was gutted and all I could think about was putting the weight back on. The guys running the gym next door told me to use that, I really didn't think that was for me. I felt I was still a bit large but did give it a try. Baring in mind I was capable by this time of swimming 100 lengths I only managed 5 minutes at 5 miles per hour on a treadmill. I was knackered.[/p][p]The next day I took my sons to watch Chelsea which was also the day before the 2003 London marathon. As we passed one of the proposed road closure signs I happened to comment that I would "pi**" that marathon as I recalled my efforts on the treadmill the day before. This seemed to spark a bit of debate in the car which basically ended up with "I bet you can't" from one of my sons.[/p][p]Cut a long story short, I have been very lucky in running London 11 times since that as well as obviously many other marathons and ultra's. I am particularly partial to multi day events along coastal paths.[/p][p]Due to the comment in the car I have visited places I would never ever have thought of going to, met many people who I regard as friends, pushed myself to distances and extremes in conditions at times that I never thought I could do.[/p][p]For this special occasion I have chosen to run for The National Autistic Society (NAS). I have a son and a grandson that have autism. The NAS has a great website that gives incredible advice and support to help sufferer's as they move into adulthood and the difficulties they encounter in coping with the outside world, something what we take for granted. Autism can be a very lonely world without the support of those around them.[/p][p]Thankyou for supporting me and for all the other times you may have supported me in doing other events.[/p][p]I will be giving a prize to the person who donates and is closest to my official finishing time. I am trying to come up with something different and worth having for you. Remember this is an off road 50K, 8K longer that a marathon. My last road marathon was completed in 4:23:38 which I was particularly disappointed with so it won't really help you.[/p][p]Have a go at something like this yourselves, you never know where the first step will take you.[/p][p]Andy[/p]
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11 Aug 2019


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