Barbara Wood

Barbara Wood

Launching a Sea Shanty for the Big SDR Shave


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My story

[p]The Beardman – a Steam Shanty for the South Devon Railway![/p][p]The Beardman lyrics, based on popular sea shanty, “Wellerman” highlight the plight of steam railways, the impact of Covid lockdown & the closure of UK coal mines, and plans to reopen the attractions……[/p][p]—————————————————————————————[/p][p]There once was a man his name was Dick he let his beard grow long and thick[/p][p]the lock down came; they stopped the trains oh grow that beard man grow (huh)[/p][p][b]Soon may the Fireman come, To fire up steam, for trains to run [/b][/p][p][b]One day, when the jabbing is done We'll take our train and go[/b][/p][p]He would not shave his beard no more when lock down came it was a bore[/p][p]the Beardman washed his hands and swore he'd take that beard in tow (huh)[/p][p][b]Soon may the Fireman come.....[/b][/p][p]Before the fireman fills the water, the beard man needs to see the barber[/p][p]wash hands for the shave, with soap and water, then he shaved down low (huh)[/p][p][b]Soon may the Fireman come.....[/b][/p][p]No line was open, no beard was trimmed no mine was mined, so please take heed for trains to steam it’s coal we need, let’s put those trains on show (huh)[/p][p][b]Soon may the Fireman come.....[/b][/p][p]For lock down days, not ever more, the line was shut— then fight once more one engine lost, not any more, but now that beard will go (huh)[/p][p][b]Soon may the Fireman come.....[/b][/p][p]So now we’ve heard, the fight's still on, the line's not shut, and the beard has gone the Beardman makes his regular call, to encourage the fireman, crew and all[/p][p][b]Soon may the Fireman come.....[/b][/p][p]——————————————————————————————[/p][p]The Big Shave took place on 18th May, and the trains are now running.[/p][p]The Beardman, Dick Wood, rashly said he wouldn’t shave ‘’til the steam trains ran again – never thinking it would be over a year! the beard rash was a wee bit sore after the Big Shave!)[/p][p]Barbara, his wife, re-wrote the “Wellerman” Sea Shanty, calling it “Beardman” a Steam shanty – and VoiceWorx Choir have made a fantastic video – which can be seen here too –[/p][p]Dick, the Beardman formerly a fireman, driver, General Manager and now PR Manager, has been heavily involved in raising funds to help the SDR survive – they have had no real income for over a year, and need £2 million to survive – there has been fantastic support so far with a combination of donations and grants, but they still need to raise half a million in what will be an impossibly short season, with social distancing and everything else that Covid has affected.[/p][p]Hopefully the publicity around the Big Shave at Buckfastleigh Railway station when his Turkish Barber, Sultan Burak from Golden Scissors, Tiverton carried out the “Big Shave” on-site will help get visitors coming and donations coming in again.[/p][p][b]We also want to highlight the plight of the all the nation’s heritage steam railways which are not only affected by lock down closure, but also by coal mine closures too in the UK. If the mines all close, then steam engines will be jeopardised by having to import more expensive, low-quality and more polluting coal from overseas.[/b][/p][p]We hope you can bring your friends and family to the SDR - if not, then we thank you for any help and donations you can give the SDR. [/p][p]And a BIG thank you to everyone who helped us to make this happen, and for donations made![/p][p]Barbara and Dick[/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][url=][/url][/p][p][br][/p][p]Barbara Wood[/p][p]Chair Voiceworx[/p][p][/p][p][br][/p]
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18 May 2021


May 24, 2021

Peter Doyle


plus £3.75 Gift Aid

May 23, 2021

John and Julia


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May 21, 2021

Stuart Longrigg

I would have donated more if Dick had an England Shirt on.


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May 20, 2021

Dave Winters


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May 19, 2021

Mark Vaughan

Dick, hope the shave went well and you're now enjoying meals without having to tie your beard back! A superb effort and total commitment. Da iwan !!!


May 17, 2021

Mark and Joanna Caldicott


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

May 15, 2021


Hope he doesn't lose his strength after losing that fine beard


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May 15, 2021

Yuliya and Jaume


May 14, 2021

Peter Surcombe


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May 14, 2021


Enough for a cushion?!


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