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Ben Taylor

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My story

[p]In a nutshell.[/p][p]I am going to be doing beach cleans, seaweed surveys, and some other voluntary work, around the coast of the UK.[/p][p]To get between these, I will be walking and wandering, sloshing and scrambling, sidestepping and hauling, trotting, jogging and paddling, all the way around, under my own steam.[/p][p]Effectively, the journey will take me 7000 miles around the UK coast; and in doing so, raising money for the Marine Conservation Society and the John Muir Trust.[/p][p]I am doing this as part of Journey for Wildness, an initiative with the John Muir Trust that is aimed at reconnecting people with wild places. The initiative is open to anyone, and is as much about giving back to the places you visit as it is about journeying through them. This journey will take me through many different wild coastal places. [/p][p][/p][p]Sadly, much of the UK coast is polluted, damaged and scarred by human negligence. I will be doing what I can to clean up and help out along the way. Anybody is welcome to join in and help! The more the better.[/p][p]The idea has different levels to it:[/p][p]On the surface, I want to raise money for two conservation charities that do a lot of incredible work. Both for the ocean surrounding this island, and for the wild places left here.[/p][p]I want to gather as much data as I can through the seaweed surveys (a coalition project between MCS and the Natural History Museum), to find out more about ocean acidification and sea temperature rise. This is something that anybody can get involved in, and I woud reccomend giving it a go next time your by the coast, you never know what you'll find once you start looking closely![/p][p][/p][p]I also want to gather a lot of plastic waste off our shores, but more than that, I will be getting together with local groups in the areas I pass through and working with them to clean up and perform any other voluntary tasks needed.[/p][p][/p][p]I want to talk to, work alongside, and connect with the people I meet in some way.[/p][p]On another level I will be transmitting my actions and findings through social media, with a heavy emphasis on acting on climate change, and, more specifically, showing people out there that, yes, it is a scary and difficult thing to process. A huge, wicked problem.[/p][p]I want people to be reminded that they are not powerless to speak out on it, and that they can take action to change their future.[/p][p]On a personal level, this is something I have been dreaming up for a few years now.[/p][p]It will be a chance to heal more thoroughly after recently recovering from a very difficult period of suicidal depression.[/p][p]I will be writing about my experiences through the walk, and sharing them where I can.[/p][p]I am not doing this to 'get out there and do something!' as I have sometimes thought, but rather, my intention is to step 'in to' something.[/p][p]To find place in a world that has often seeked to alienate me.[/p]

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Jul 19, 2021

Charlie - Rannoch Adventure

Great to see you in Scotland, Ben, and best of luck for the rest of your inspirational voyage. Always good to meet like-minded people! From Charlie and the whole Rannoch Adventure and Roxy Team


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Jul 17, 2021



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Jun 24, 2021

Alan K

You seem to have an awesome attitude to life, full of gratitude & hope for the future. Long may it last. As Lindsay Wagner said “It’s about sharing. You just give what you have to give wherever you go & let God handle the rest.”

Jun 23, 2021


Keep up the great work and good luck!


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Jun 2, 2021


I've just read about your journey in the JMT newsletter and want to tell you how inspiring and encouraging I find your story. If only I was young enough to join you! I'm not, but at least I can help a bit with a donation. Good luck!


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

May 29, 2021


Hey bud, Feel free to drop me a text/give me a shout as and when. I'll be in touch soon! Hugs. Vasco

May 24, 2021


This is a remarkable and very humbling adventure that you have embarked upon. Stay safe and remember that the biggest risk in life is not taking one. Good luck


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May 20, 2021

Ellis B

Thanks for the coffee and good luck with your progress!


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May 20, 2021

Chris Donnelly

Read about your journey in the John Muir Journal - great idea! All the best from the Yorkshire coast.


May 18, 2021


It was nice to meet you Ben, and I hope you will have many good memories on your journey. Keep up the good work!

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