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Simon Best

250 Mile Running Challenge


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My story

[p][br][/p][p][b][u]What am I doing ?[/u][/b][/p][p][i]Rather than running a single event for my fund raising efforts, this year I am aiming to complete [/i][b][i]4 (updated to 5) Trail UltraMarathon[/i][/b][i] events, including my 1st 100 mile foot race.[/i][/p][p][b][i]Jamie Streatfield[/i][/b][i] will be running all the events with me, and making sure I make it to the finish.[/i][/p][p][i]Due to my infamous history of injuries, if I miss an event, I will add an equal or longer event to replace.[/i][/p][p][b][u]Schedule of Events[/u][/b]:-[/p][p]7th Apr [b]Centurion South Downs Way 50 Miles - [i]Completed in 9 hours 50 minutes[/i][/b][/p][p]19th May[b] Centurion North Downs Way 50 Miles - [i]Completed in 10 hours 6 minutes[/i][/b][/p][p]4-5th Aug[b] Centurion North Downs Way 100 Miles - [i]Completed in 28 hours 10 minutes[/i][/b][/p][p]15th Sept [b]Centurion Chiltern Wonderland 50 Miles - [i]Completed in 10 hours 20 minutes[/i][/b][/p][p][b] AND AS AN EXTRA 50 MILE BONUS[/b][/p][p]17th Nov[b] Centurion Wendover Woods 50 miles[/b][/p][p][b][u]Why am I doing it ?[/u][/b][/p][p]I am helping raise funds for the [url=][b]Janki Saye Foundation[/b][/url][b]. [/b][/p][p]The [b]Janki Saye Foundation [/b]provides grants to fund assistive technologies to transform the lives of people with disabilities and special needs. Am sure you will agree this is a very worthy cause. In particular I am trying raise money Craig. [/p][p] Craig is 18 years old. He has a profound learning disability, motor and sensory skill problems, cortical visual impairment and symptomatic epilepsy. He is mostly wheelchair bound and requires 24 hour support for all aspects of his personal care and basic needs. Craig has limited ability to make choices. [/p][p] Last year, while still at school, Craig began a period of assessment using the EyeGaze device with specialised software. Using his eyes to control this device, Craig was able to participate in a number of activities and he demonstrated his understanding of cause and effect.[/p][p] Now he has left school, his parents and care manager feel that, if Craig had permanent access to an EyeGaze, he would further develop his ability to interact with his support workers - it would give him a "voice", enabling him to communicate his own choices and desires, make himself understood and help him engage in stimulating learning activities.[/p][p] The family need a grant of [i]£4,500 [/i]to help them fund this device. Sadly we are now very low on funds and really need help to raise another [i]£1,800[/i][b].[/b] [/p][p][b]To help me reach my fundraising Target [i][u]HSBC will MATCH ALL DONATIONS[/u] [/i]you make up to £1000 i.e. if you donate £20, the charity will receive £40 (don't forget to gift aid) !!!!![/b][/p][p][b][i]UPDATE - HSBC HAVE NOW APPROVED THE £1000 £ for £ DONATION[/i][/b][/p][p]Appreciate any donations you can make to this worthwhile charity.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Thanks for reading[/p][p]Simon[/p][p][br][/p][p][img][/img][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p][p][br][/p]
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Personal Challenge Date

30 Oct 2018


Sep 28, 2018

Iain D

Use some of the monies to get into a decent Psychiatrist. Superb effort.


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Sep 18, 2018

Ajay Soni

Well done Simon. What is next?


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Sep 17, 2018

The Bretts

U D Man Besty, Full Respect!


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Sep 16, 2018

Richard and Karen

Well done Simon against all the odds, a massive achievement


plus £6.25 Gift Aid

Sep 14, 2018

Annie Budd

Simon I am so very proud of you and all your running efforts to raise money for your


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Sep 9, 2018



plus £3.75 Gift Aid

Aug 31, 2018

Matt D

Did you do it yet? Nutter!


plus £5.00 Gift Aid

Aug 7, 2018

Neil B

Well done Besty for toughing out the NDW100, awesome achievement.


plus £7.50 Gift Aid

Jul 2, 2018


Good luck Simon!


May 6, 2018


Great cause mate


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

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