Brent Mullane

Brent Mullane

4 x 100 miles Ultra races in 4 months


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My story

[p]Its now the January the 2nd and I’m halfway through my 14 marathons in 14 days. My calves are swollen to biblical levels and I’m really really tired, but I’m nearly there![/p][p]On the 27th of December I started the 14 marathons in 14 days. The final marathon will be the country to capital 45mile race from Wendover to Little Venice in London. I will be running through Chorleywood (Chalfont lane) on the 9th of Jan around 10am. You won’t miss me, I will be the one in Fancy dress. If the race is cancelled (which is likely) I will be still doing this with a few friends.[/p][p]With the fantastic support of the local Chorleywood community I managed to get through the 4 100mile races in 4 months.[/p][p]The final 100 mile event was in and around Chorleywood with the finish outside the Chorleywood cricket club, which will be the site of the cafe.[/p][p]Thanks you all so much for your support and kind words![/p][p]Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances to do with COVID, my final race of the grand slam has been postponed until next year. But I have promised to do 4 x 100mile races in 4 months, so I have decided to do the first ever Chorleywood 100mile ultra. This will start at 11 am on the 7th of November and hopefully finish before 11am on the 8th of November outside the Chorleywood cricket club. [/p][p]The course will comprise of 10 x 10 mile laps, which will go from the cricket club, down to the chess, up to Sarratt, towards Flaunden, back to the chess valley, up to Chenies, down the horse trail to whitelands Ave, along the high st and around the Common to start again at the cricket club, so if you see me out and about, probably looking pretty ragged, give me a little wave. Thanks again for everyone’s fantastic support![/p][p]Some of my friends have set me a stiff challenge, to complete the up and coming South Downs Way 100 in under 24hrs. If I achieve this, they have pledged to double their current donations![/p][p][br][/p][p]The South Downs way is the highest elevation of all the 4 races, it longer than 100miles, it is set in the wettest/coldest time of year and I have already got 300 miles of fatigue in my legs from the past 3 months of racing.[/p][p][br][/p][p]So far during the grand slam, everything is been about finishing the challenge. My times have been 28.57, 26.53, 25.52, so the challenge of getting under 24hrs seems a bit far fetched. [/p][p][br][/p][p]However, as this is the last race left to finish and with the promise of some extra donations for this amazing charity, I have said “BRING IT ON”. If people are willing to give extra donations I will promise to push as hard as I possibly can to achieve a sub 24hr race. It doesn’t have to be as generous as double, but anything would be amazing. Please pledge an amount and this will be all the motivation that I need to achieve this crazy goal.[/p][p]Thank you all so much for all the support, it has really kept me going![/p][p][b]I have been asked, what makes me want to run four 100-mile ULTRA marathons in 4 months to raise money for Mission EmployAble?[/b][/p][p][br][/p][p]There’s nothing special about it - I’m just a guy who likes to run a lot. But what is more amazing is all the time and dedication that all the volunteers from Mission EmployAble are giving towards creating a truly fantastic future for so many young people with learning difficulties - bricks and mortar that will last for generations to come to ensure that everyone, no matter what their abilities, will have a chance to get trained and find employment. The entire community will also benefit from a fantastic new cricket pavilion and a place to meet on the Common for a coffee and some food.[/p][p][br][/p][p]Running 400 miles is easier to imagine if you break it up into manageable bite size chunks in your head. Each of the races are 100 miles, which must be completed before the cut off time of between 27 to 30 hours. Each race has around 13 feed stations. This means that I just have to think about 7 and a bit miles to the next checkpoint. So when the chaff under my arms is so painful that I have to run with one arm in the air for relief, or my feet are so wet and blistered that it feels as though the soles of my feet are sliding off, or my quadriceps are so ruined that I have to walk up the hills backwards, I just think about getting through the next 7 miles to the feed station, take a drink and some fruit, reset and carry on.[/p][p][br][/p][p][b]Incentives for donating to Mission EmployAble:[/b]The person who donates the highest amount will get to choose my outfit to run in next January's Country to Capital race that runs through Chorleywood. This is the middle of winter and it is 43 miles, so a mankini is not that practical! 😊[/p][p]The 4 people who donate the most, will get a finishers t-shirt for one of the races.[/p][p]For every £2000 raised, I will run a marathon on consecutive days to a maximum of 14 days (As I do have a job and a family). So if I raise £28,000 I will run 14 marathons in 14 days.[/p][p][br][/p]


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09 Jan 2021


Feb 20, 2021


Thank-you for all your valiant efforts


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Jan 21, 2021

Jessica M


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Jan 9, 2021

Patrick Miller

Amazing achievement- awesome.

Jan 9, 2021

nigel lanning

Great effort. Sorry we missed you in Chalfont Lane, C'wood


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Jan 9, 2021

Erica and Tony Bendall

Brent and your great team of running friends who have kept you going over the last 5 months to run over 760 miles for the Charity. Totally respect for the 3 am and 5 am wake up calls to run your 26 miles ( before work) and your 100 miles achievements.


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Jan 9, 2021

Alan Poole

Crazy, Inspirational, Admirable................


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Jan 9, 2021

Noonan family

Keep going! Amazing effort for a brilliant initiative!


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Jan 8, 2021


Jan 2, 2021

Jason McGarvie

Great effort 👍


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Dec 29, 2020

Julie Miller

What a fantastic and massive challenge! You are a machine!! Superhuman!! You have our support. Fantastic cause too. Best of luck with it. 🍀Love from Jules, Rich and mini Millers. 💚


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