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Team story

[lt]h3[gt]In 2014 a team of us based mainly on the Isle of Coll in the Hebrides cycled round the Highland coast to raise money for Mary's Meals. This produced two main effects. Firstly we raised a shed load of money and set up a Mary's Meals kitchen in a school in northern Malawi. Secondly we decided we really rather enjoyed the cycling.[lt]/h3[gt][lt]h3[gt]These 2 points help explain why you are here reading this. You see 30 months later and we need to fundraise again if the kids in Karonga are going to get their school lunches from our kitchen. And since we now like cycling, we thought we should cycle from Coll to Karonga. So C2K was born.[lt]/h3[gt][lt]h3[gt]Unfortunately the need to be at home and do some work and political instability in key areas of north African have made cycling from Scotland to Malawi a bit of a non starter. But those clever folk who run the internet have come up with a solution. We can virtually ride from Coll to Karonga. And so can you, either in a team or on your own. Have a look at the C2K mission at www.myvirtualmission.com if that interests you. [lt]/h3[gt][lt]h3[gt]And you could really make our day by donating some money to Mary's Meals while you are here on Virgin Money Giving.[lt]/h3[gt][lt]h3[gt]Thanks.[lt]/h3[gt][lt]h3[gt][span=font-size: 1.17em;]A Son of the Fault #c2kmission[/span][lt]/h3[gt]


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27 Oct 2017



Dec 3, 2017


37 days late in finishing, but delighted to have got there (finally). Well organised Rob. Cheers, Brian


Nov 2, 2017

Andy Mac

Rob, well done on the organisation. Borders bonkers are proud to have gone all the way! Cheers Mac


plus £37.50 Gift Aid

Oct 31, 2017


Rob Well done putting this together and well done to all the participants!! You gave that Mark Beaumont fellow a real doing!!


plus £37.50 Gift Aid

Oct 16, 2017

Angus Soft Fruits


Oct 15, 2017


Donation from Northen Jahey and the Army lads.


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Oct 9, 2017



Oct 6, 2017

Simon Thompson

Great effort Rob - well done.


plus £25.00 Gift Aid

Oct 3, 2017



Oct 1, 2017


I'm thrilled to be able to make a small contribution - very best of luck, chaps xx


plus £12.50 Gift Aid

Sep 27, 2017

Paul Silcock

Great event!


Wounded Lions 500 Rob Rus Tom Paddy John John Andy Ross Paul Graeme

Wounded Lions 500 Rob Rus Tom Paddy John John Andy Ross Paul Graeme

C2K Entry

C2K Entry

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